Class Descriptions

Coupon 101: Introduction to Couponing
This basic class teaches shoppers how to find coupons, which area stores double coupons, and how to use coupons so you save money even over buying generic products. Shoppers will also learn how to create a system to keep all of the coupons organized.

Coupon 102: Advanced Couponing
This is the class that teaches you how to use coupons to buy items and walk out of the store with money in your pocket! Shoppers learn to use coupons at stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS and more. We strongly recommend you take Coupon 101 prior to taking this class because basic information taught in that class will not be covered in this advanced class.

Strategic Shopping
Using coupons isn’t required to save money! Learn to save money on meat, produce, and other items that coupons aren’t readily available for. You’ll also learn how to build a healthy stockpile to ensure you never pay full price for items again.

Cooking and Freezing
Maintain an efficient and organized meal planning schedule by cooking and freezing items ahead of time. This class will teach you what you can freeze and how to freeze it so you save time and money but don’t have to compromise on taste.

Meal Planning 101
It’s possible to create a monthly menu of healthy meals while still maintaining variety in what you eat. This class will show you how.

Cooking 101
Cooking your own meals helps you save money, and it’s almost always the healthier option. The basics of cooking are easy to master with lessons learned in Cooking 101.

Time Management
This class is designed to help busy men and women learn to manage their time.

Home Organization
This class will teach the basics of how to organize and maintain your home so that you can stress less and accomplish more.

Creative Storage Ideas
Make the most of the space in your home using creative storage ideas.

Sip N Clip
This is an opportunity to come enjoy some delicious coffee while you catch up on your coupon clipping, or you can trade coupons with people who are here. This is also a time when the Simple Organized Savings team is available to answer any questions you may have about coupons.

Gardening 101
Learn how you can utilize the space you already have to grow a vegetable garden that can feed your family all season long.

Canning 101
Learn how to safely and effectively store your vegetables so they last all year long.

Vegetarian & Vegan 101
Learn the basics of vegetarian and vegan eating.

Saving Money Using the Internet
Discover some of the Internet’s best-kept (and reputable) secrets to help you save money.

Holiday Organization
Holidays can be a stressful time of the year- this class is designed to teach you some tips and tricks to organizing your time and tasks so that you can keep your sanity this season!


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