• September C&F: Day 2

    Day 2: Shopping and Light Prepping

    Grocery Shop, Pull Out Items Needed for Cooking, Light Food Prep

    I headed out to Aldi, Sam’s and Walmart. I am a “get in and grab it” kinda girl. I don’t mess around when I’m on a mission. I firmly practice the art of the “list” (I teach on this in the meal planning class.) I was in and out of 3 stores with my list and home within 1.5 hours.

    Once home I put all the cold stuff away and left all the pantry ingredients I would need on cook day out on the table. Doing this makes cook day go so much smoother because everything is ready, which means I don’t have to mess with going back and forth to the pantry all day.

    I was still feeling energetic so I went ahead and boiled a whole chicken (I would need this on cook day for some of the meals) and chopped up all of my celery and carrots. This whole process went pretty quick. I also decided to chop up all the onions, I used my Vitamix. You can also use a food processor. Doing it this way means way less tears involved 🙂

    Food prep is done! All that is left is to do is cook ……  but again, that is for another day! 🙂


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