• Seasons of Life


    What started as ONE free community coupon class at Grace Chapel Church birthed into an incredible free educational outreach ministry that has been educating the Ozark community for almost 4 years now! Wow, 4 years! Time really flies when you’re having fun! It has been an honor and a privilege to get to “do life” with so many incredible people in this community. We have testimonial after testimonial of how SOS classes have changed lives, homes, and families. Operating from a place of peace rather than chaos as we “do life” together.

    Just as our atmosphere changes seasons, I believe so do our lives. Anyone who has spent much time talking to me knows that I talk about this quite frequently. Well it appears my “season” of life is being changed. As most of you know, my husband and I received quite a large SURPRISE in the month of April when we found out we were expecting our third child! Wow! What a surprise that was, we were 4 years away from being “empty nesters” in the home stretch of raising our girls. We were busy making all sorts of plans, but God had a different plan for us! We are beyond excited about the arrival of our new baby boy, yes, boy =) due in December.

    As most of you know, babies are quite consuming so that means it’s time to make some adjustments to my life to get ready for our little guy. I have spent countless hours praying about what to do with SOS because it is such an important part of my life and I believe so strongly in the ministry. I have seen firsthand how it has changed hundreds of lives, as well as reaching thousands of people around the world daily. I have had the honor of personally getting to know so many of you. I have laughed with you, cried with you, and prayed with you! I have watched God work through this organization to powerfully change people who once believed they were victim of a circumstance into a VICTOR of a circumstance! Our motto is to “do life together” being victorious in ALL we do!! We were NOT built to do life alone! We have had the honor of living that out with so many of you the last 3 1/2 years.

    So I bet you’re wondering where this is all going. Don’t panic… we’re not going away – just restructuring. At this point, I feel like it’s time to restructure things to better fit my life and time allotment. Just as we teach in our classes, if I am not ordering my days, using good time management skills, I can’t be effective to anyone.

    Our first phase of restructuring: we will only offer one free class a month from August – October. We will release a new class schedule in November for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year. In addition, we are in talks to partner with another like minded organization in Springfield. As soon as we know more details ourselves, we can give them to you.

    We will continue to serve as a resource for the community through our website and Facebook page. Although we will not hold free weekly classes, we will be available for questions via email and Facebook. Our amazing Karen will continue sharing out daily deals and savings through Facebook. We will also share information on other educational resources in the community. We are not the only educational resource for you. So, as you can see not much is changing other than free community classes at this point.

    Thank you so much for understanding! I look forward to what the future holds. Although we will not see you every week, we are still here cheering you on and available if you need us! Just reach out and shoot us an email!


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