• Stockpiling: Finding a Rock Bottom Price


    Have you ever heard either of the phrases “stockpiling” or “rock bottom price”?

    For those who aren’t familiar with this “lingo”,  it means that you buy a product when it’s at it’s lowest price (rock bottom) and you buy as much of it as you need or can afford (stockpile). Doing it this way ensures you’re never paying full price for that product again.

    Don’t confuse stockpiling with hoarding. 😉 They are two completely separate things. The goal of stockpiling is to make sure you are getting the lowest possible price so that you are making the greatest financial impact for yourself. While hoarding is buying more than you need or more than you can use!

    People are always asking me questions like, “How do I know what a rockbottom price is?” or “What do I do with my stockpiled items?” So, I wanted to share a “real life” example with you.

    My family LOVES mangos and blackberries and this week our local grocery store, Lucky’s, had mangos for $.19 cents each (yes, I’m serious) and blackberries for $.77 cents. (Again, it’s true!)

    These are both CRAZY GOOD prices! Both of those prices are what I like to call a rock bottom price. With them being at this price, I decided I was going to buy more then I normally would and stock up. Doing it this way, ensured that my family would have our favorite fruits not only while they were in season, but all year long! It was seriously a Win-Win!

    I’m sure you are wondering how I am going to keep all of this fruit in my house until the next sale cycle comes around.

    Well … freezing of course!! I am like the QUEEN of freezing… or at least that is what my family says. 😉

    To prepare this fruit for the freezer, I had to wash, dry, and flash freeze the blackberries. I then put them in air tight containers to use at a later date. 

    As far as the mangos were concerned, I washed, dried, pealed the skin, and then sliced them up to freeze. (Mangos are FANTASTIC when eaten frozen.) Another alternative would be dehydrating them. If you dehydrate them, you could eat them as a snack or throw them in a salad.

    I was really excited about my stockpile find this week and thought it was a perfect example for those who have asked in the past, “How do I know when it’s a rock bottom price and what do I do with it once I buy it?”

    I hope this helps someone out there and inspires YOU to find a rockbottom price!



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